1 Day Intensive Property Workshop

Discover the secrets of investing in small commercial properties with strong cash flow

Spend a Saturday at my Vancouver coaching center and I’ll show you how I started with a $245,000 commercial/retail condo and turned it into $14.5 million of commercial property that I owe less than 1.7 million on.

Since 2003 I have personally helped over 200 investors buy or build commercial property. My clients range from first time investors buying $300,000 office condos, to bigger investors buying land and building 25,000 square foot multi-tenant buildings. I’ll show you how in March 2017 I helped a first time commercial property investor buy a $1.4 million building with just a 6% down.

Dear Fellow Investor
My name is Sam Beckford. I’m 48 years old and I live in Fort Langley BC, 53 minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport, according to Google maps. In 1999, before my wife and I even owned a home, we bought our first commercial property. Today we own 14.5 million dollars of property that has a mortgage of less than 1.7 million (we also have a pretty nice house now too). Our properties currently generate an income after expenses of $360,000. When the mortgage is paid off in 6 years, the portfolio will generate over $600,000 after expenses. I’m not telling you these numbers to brag or impress you, but to inspire you about how good commercial property can be if you know some key pieces of information.

If that portfolio sounds big and hard to manage, think again. I only have 3 buildings and just 4 tenants in them in addition to my own business. One of my tenants in the federal government of Canada who is renting 5000 square feet for a Service Canada location. I have never had a long term vacancy in any of my buildings. My tenants are long term, profitable, no hassle for me and happy to be there.

So what’s my secret? I do things backwards; you could call me a commercial property contrarian.

I run a small business and I’ve been a business coach for 18 years. I know how business owner tenants ( the biggest part of commercial property success) think. I have a strategic ways of finding solid profitable tenants before I even own the building to eliminate the vacancy and risk that scares most investors away from commercial properties. I have found undervalued, ignored properties for myself and my clients that turned from ugly ducklings into beautiful geese laying golden eggs. Attracting a profitable, stable mix of tenants is the secret sauce that a lot of investors (and realtors) never really figure out.

In 2008 I built my own coaching center in my backyard to work with my business owner and investor clients. You can spend a Saturday there learning these strategies. If you like what you learn you can get a chance work with me to start or increase your commercial portfolio using my methods.

Who should attend the 1 day Commercial Property Wealth Workshop?

  • First time investors who want to learn about the advantages of small commercial investing vs residential
  • Successful Residential investors who want to shift some equity into higher cash flow commercial property
  • Existing commercial investors who want to discover ways to force up appreciation and find high quality tenants
  • Business owners who want to go from leasing to owning and generate additional investment income


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 At this 1 day commercial property workshop you will receive in depth case studies and advice from my 4 properties pictured below and dozens more examples from properties I have helped my clients buy, build and profit from.

White Rock School of music and Dance Location 1

This was the first property we bought - a retail/showroom condo unit we bought  in 1999 for $245,000. Not too glamourous, but it got us started. We sold that condo unit in 2004 for a $363,000 and purchased property #3, an 8000 square foot building.

Guildford School of Music and DanceI will show you how we bought this vacant building in 2003 with owner financing (no bank involved) found a tenant before we closed on the property and gradually, strategically increased the rent from $4500 per month to over $8000 per month today. It has never had a vacancy in the whole time we have owned it.


White Rock School of Music and Dance Location 2I will show you how got a tenant before we even had an accepted offer to buy this building. I will show you before and after photos of  how we transformed the curb appeal of this former “ugly duckling” for less than $10,000 and how and why the value increased by 1.2 million dollars in just 2 years.


Walnut Grove School of Music and DanceFor our fourth property we bought land and built this 13,000 square foot multi-tenant building in 2010. This building has the Canadian Federal Government a Service Canada location as the main tenant. They pay $14,000 per month in rent and have spent almost $700,000 in improvements on the building. We did a unique construction arrangement on this property that saved us over $200,000 off the cost of the building. We will discuss various construction techniques and how to save money on building improvements. This building is directly beside the Holiday Inn that we recommend staying at if you are attending from out of town and need accommodations.

You will also see case studies and examples from dozens of properties I have helped clients buy and build like these:

Pennsylvania - BeforePennsylvania - After

I will show you how one of my clients bought this small commercial building and did some cosmetic improvements and strategic things to force up the value by 115% in one year.


IowaI helped my client buy this 6000 square foot strip mall with a vacancy issue and convert 1200 square feet of useless storage space into rentable area. It is now 7200 square feet, fully leased to high value tenants with the rent and value forced up by 30% in a short period of time. Now he is working on adding another 2 or 3 more properties to his portfolio.

New MexicoMy client bought this former Suzuki dealership that was listed for $1.1 million. Since the dealership had a long term vacancy issue she was able to buy it for $600,000. It is now fully occupied and the value is now well above the original asking price.

My client in Vancouver bought his commercial condo unit in 2014 for $330,000.00 He used a strategic tenant approach and is now generating a staggering $4200 per month in rental revenue. This return would be almost impossible to do with a residential property.  I will discuss this high return approach that he uses.  He has since bought two other properties using the same high return rental strategy.

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 In the 1 day workshop we will cover all of this and more.

 Commercial vs Residential investing

Many investors are scared and confused by commercial investing. We will talk about the differences with both types and how small commercial properties have some substantial advantages over residential investments if you use the right strategies.

The differences in the legal and rental aspects of the tenant relationship.

How the maintenance and management of a commercial building is advantageous over a residential investment property.

How and why the rents in two commercial buildings 30 seconds away from each other can vary by 80% and how to inexpensively increase rental rates and capital value of a property.

Some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about commercial property investing that scare many investors away.

 Buying retail/office condo vs buying a bigger stand-alone building

A commercial condo space is an easy way to own a commercial property and that is how we started. I have helped a lot of clients select and purchase this type of property. They are easier to buy, but the upside potential is much higher in stand-alone buildings. At the workshop we will discuss commercial condos but we will also show you how a stand-alone building can actually be easier to buy and own than a condo unit. How you select a property can make a huge difference in your net worth.  I will show you in our case studies how one shifting from a 3900 square foot condo to a 7000 square foot stand-alone building resulted in an increase of an additional 2.2 million over the same time span. Whether you ultimately decide to buy a condo or stand-alone building you will learn strategies that will benefit you.

 Partnership Strategies to buy bigger, high return commercial properties

We will talk about how to partner not just with other investors but with business owners themselves to reduce risk and substantially increase the value of a building. If you run a business or know someone who runs a business you can easily benefit from this principle. If you do not know any business owners I will tell you ways to find and partner with business owners who can accelerate your success and portfolio growth with very little management hassle and stress.

 Conventional financing, owner financing and creative low down payment financing strategies

We will discuss financing conventionally vs pros and cons of low down payment (10%-15% down) financing. Many business owners do not realize that owner financing is very common in commercial property. My second property was bought with owner financing no bank was involved at all. We will discuss how to find owner financing, how to set up and negotiate terms and why this can be a huge advantage to your portfolio.

 How to attract and keep low stress, high paying tenants in your property

Many investors are intimidated by the idea of being a commercial landlord. If you know how to attract the right type of tenants, management will be very low stress. I self-mange my own properties. There is very low time commitment and I don’t lose sleep at night. By targeting who you want as a tenant your space can rent for more money, further increasing the value of your building. As a business coach I know what motivates business owner tenants. There is massive upside in buying a commercial building with vacancy issues and transforming it into a fully leased investment. One of my tenants liked us so much as a landlord that he wanted to expand his business into a new building we bought 30 minutes away. I will show you how me and my clients are able to do this while other cheaper rent properties right next door to us have stayed vacant.

 How to get the Federal Government as a tenant in your building

One of our properties has the Canadian federal government as a tenant. They pay $14,000 per month in rent and have spent almost $700,000 in improvements on the building that we own. One of my clients in Michigan has the US Post Office as a tenant. Government tenants may not be an option for every building but they are a very valuable option to consider if the right opportunity arises. I will tell you about different options to become a commercial landlord to Federal and Provincial tenants.

 The big 3 of commercial property inspecting

Commercial property may seem complicated but I will show you the 3 main things that you need to inspect to make sure your investment is sound. I will give you some current numbers and costs of renovation and repairs and tell you how to save tens of thousands on the most common building repairs and improvements.

 How to create “forced appreciation” in a property to increase the value without spending much money

All 3 of my stand alone buildings have increased by over 1 million dollars in value. Some was the natural market rising but some of that increase was “forced up” by what we did with our properties. I will show you easy, inexpensive way to increase value of a building you buy.

I will show you how one of my tenants used these strategies to buy a property in 2017 and increase its value by $1,025,000 in 13 months according to the bank ordered appraisal.


You will learn this and many more ideas and strategies. Since the workshop is small and interactive  and limited to just 55 attendees you will have a chance to get all  of your questions answered in this event.

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Workshop Location - Vancouver, Canada

workshop locationI built my home and a small conference center on a beautiful 3 acre waterfront property 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver. I host my own business events there and occasionally let family and friends do weddings and parties. I call my facility Creators Landing. If you require accommodations we recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Langley.

The Holiday Inn is located next to one for our properties ( property #4 - the red 13,000 square foot building). There will be a shuttle that picks up at 8:15 on Saturday and drops you off on at 5:30PM
Due to parking space restrictions at the conference center everyone must take the shuttle to and from the conference center no self-driving is permitted.

The nearest airports to fly into are Vancouver International (YVR) 45 minutes away and Abbotsford International (YXX) 21 minutes away if flying on Westjet.

For hotel information and rates click here (ask for Sam Beckford’s Successful Strategies discount rate when booking).

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Workshop Fee

The fee for the workshop is $1297.00. Attendance is limited to 55 people per session. Lunch, coffee, tea and snacks are provided. All of my workshops have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied by the value of the information you receive by lunch, turn in your workshop notebook and materials and we will refund 100% of your workshop fee. I am committed to providing value to all my clients and earning their trust. I always believe that “putting your money where your mouth is” and guaranteeing what you sell is the best way to do business.

Cancellation and rescheduling.  If you are unable to attend the workshop you have registered for, you may apply the fee towards any future event or request a full refund without penalty. Please give us as much notice as possible as a courtesy to anyone who may be on a waiting list for the event you are not attending.

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Workshop Dates

September 22, 2018 - Register

Can't make the scheduled seminar dates? Click here to register to receive an email with new seminar dates as they become available

Optional Ongoing Monthly Consulting

Attendees of the workshop also have the option to do ongoing monthly consulting directly with me, Sam not an associate or employee. You can submit properties you are considering for my review and get assistance to purchase your first property or to build a portfolio of several properties. The program is actually called “The Portfolio Club” because after buying one property for their business several members start buying additional properties to build a nice investment portfolio. On a monthly basis you will also see my opinions and recommendations on other properties that are being submitted and reviewed. Members also have the potential of finding partners for larger more expensive properties or investing in larger commercial properties other members have found. To avoid any conflicts of interest, I do not invest with my members or solicit investments or sell properties to my members. I only offer unbiased advice, recommendations and support. The program is only offered to individuals who have attended the 1 day property workshop.

 Recent Comments From Previous Attendees

I attended Sam Beckford's training on commercial property. It was excellent and inspired a lot of ideas.  He offered some very practical suggestions and distilled lots of often confusing information into very actionable and practical steps. I am a medical doctor who attends a lot of seminars and educational events on a regular basis and so I'm very keen on getting good information in a short period of time.  Sam certainly delivered on this promise.  The seminar was engaging and informative beyond the routine things I've heard numerous times and business seminars. My only regret would be that I had not attended this program even a few years ago.  I would have been so much further ahead.  It was of very enriching and enlightening experience.

Dr. Kaiyo Nedd M.D.

I first attended a property workshop with Sam in 2008. After that initial workshop I bought commercial space for my financial planning firm and since then I have also purchased two more commercial properties as investments. Sam now uses my property as a case study to help others learn from in his workshops.

I recommend that my business owner clients try to own their real estate instead of renting. It is a way to diversify their assets, build wealth with a guaranteed tenant…themselves. It can be a great strategy to wealth creation and retirement security.

I found Sam’s seminar valuable because it forced me to take time out of my busy schedule and not work “in” my business but “on” my business and think about how I could diversify my wealth building strategy through the efficient acquisition of real estate. His strategies are reasonable, creative and achievable. Out of the box thinking with practical ways to achieve it.

Vince Olfert
MBA, CFP® Certified Financial Planner®
Partner, Singer Olfert Financial Group

I recently attended Sam Beckford's seminar on commercial real estate. His vast experience and casual nature was a perfect combination to enable me to understand the complexities of Commercial Real Estate. As an owner of a multidisciplinary health clinic ( Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy), I constantly struggle with buying vs leasing issue in the operations of our business. Sam provided a clear and definitive guide as to how a business owner can leverage my business into ownership of commercial real estate. I would recommend Sam's seminar to any healthcare professional wanting to expand their business portfolio.

Arminder Sidhu, RMT NKT
Co-Owner | Primary Rehab Clinic

First I wanted to thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and knowledge to help enlighten me on the nuances of commercial real estate investment. Your course information was extremely relevant and informative. Prior to the course I had consistently thought about the value of owning my growing network of massage clinic locations but felt I lacked the fundamentals required to make informed decisions. It amazes me that in a few short hours you were able to provide enough information to remove my uncertainty around the "dream" and instil a mindset of "can do".

Mike Desrocher
CEO - Pain Pro Clinics

I was at Sam’ s first workshop in 2003 working as a university student helping set up and run the AV for the event. In 2005 I started my own software business and following Sam's timely and valuable advice from his business seminars over the years I have built it into a business that gives me the lifestyle of my dreams. In 2013 while attending a one of Sam's conferences he inspired me to purse my own commercial building for my business. In 2014 we bought our first commercial property for my own business to be based. Using Sam’s example and advice we bought more space than we needed and leased out the extra space, resulting in a cash flow positive building and my business doesn't pay any rent either.

In March of 2015 we closed on our second building. We did the tenant improvements for a specific type of tenant before we had an actual tenant and were fully leased out within 3 months of completion of tenant improvements, and this building has been cashflow positive ever since.

In May of 2017 we closed on our largest commercial building, and 6600 sqft office and retail stand alone building. We were able to obtain financing off the strong cashflow from using the strategies and methodologies of Sam from our other buildings. This building was cashflow positive within 4 months. 

Sam's approach to commercial real estate is very uniquely valuable to business owners to get them to see commercial real estate investing differently. Sam outlines in simple terms how to use real estate to provide your business long term growth and provide financially for many years in the future. I look forward receiving valuable advice from Sam for many years as I continue build to build a portfolio of properties.

Andrew Smit
Vancouver Consulting

Before I took Sam's workshop I felt like I may never be able to make the leap into commercial property ownership but since the weekend with Sam I know I will make the leap and it is only a matter of time.  Sam's workshop gave me the inspiration and confidence to get out there and start looking for a commercial property for my business. I haven't ventured in this direction for years, but realized that buying a property is entirely possible through what Sam taught and share with me over the weekend.  This workshop was practical, supportive, interactive and inspiring. It reminded me of my greater goals and showed me practical ways that I can achieve them.

Callie Westlake
Oxygen Yoga and Fitness

Sam's honest and laid back approach to business and real estate entrepreneurship is very refreshing.  He takes the stress out of expanding your business endeavors by giving you straightforward strategies and proof they work!  I highly recommend his seminar for anyone looking to get out of leasing and becoming a commercial property owner.

Scott Karpiuk
Owner - Black Belt Academies, Master Instructor

I found the workshop (as well as the location) to be inspirational and to answer the question as to “why” purchasing the commercial real estate is a good fit.  I really enjoyed the afternoon where we were able to go through specific examples of how to make it work and how to get past the same issues and fears that the room seemed to share.  I liked the exercise of listing the objections and focusing the “how to” information on how to get through those specific topics. Sam was able to show fantastic examples of why commercial property is the right choice for me.  Sam was able to very clearly define the path to purchase and improve commercial real estate to start building on my net worth.  I would definitely recommend this seminar to any self-employed person or business owner.

Adam Smith
Owner - AKA Pets

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 Q & A

I have a program that gives you my personal advice and opinions on properties you are considering, but I only work with clients after they have attended one of my workshops. At the 1 day workshop I am able to cover several important aspects of commercial property which could never be covered through phone calls or emails. The workshop is the foundation I require to be confident in giving my clients further advice. This way I know we are on the same page of understanding property fundamentals and my approach to real estate. Also at the workshop you will learn more about other businesses as tenants and partners. This can only be achieved in a group scenario. I have several clients who have been working with me for many years and now own 3 or 4 properties. My “star” student has been my client consistently since 2004 and has purchased an impressive 11 properties. Not all my clients have the ambition or ability to build a large portfolio of properties like that, but some do. I will warn you: commercial properties can be like potato chips; once you have one you will want more.

I don’t blame people for being a little skeptical. Real estate investing has a very high rate of scam artists, get rich quick schemes and outright fraudsters. I’ve seen a lot of terrible advice ranging from late night infomercials for flipping houses, to property experts who go from city to city giving talks but use general examples and don’t actually own any property. Unlike a lot of “experts” I have made a lot more money from my real estate than I have from just teaching people how to buy real estate.
You will see my properties first hand. The workshop itself is at my home and conference center so I’m pretty transparent to my clients.  My 3 kids will probably be around playing in the backyard and my teenage daughter may be helping to pass out papers at the workshop. I’m not hiding behind any websites or rented Post Office box addresses. The real estate investing seminar industry has a bad name but real estate itself is still a genuine opportunity. The entire workshop is me speaking the whole time, not an assistant or employee. If you are unhappy with the information at the workshop by lunch we will refund your entire workshop fee. I plan to be involved in real estate transactions and real estate consulting for the long term so my reputation is the most valuable thing to me, as it probably is to you in your industry.

You can check out more about me, my business projects over the past 23 years, books I have co-written and opinions from industry experts at www.sambeckford.com

Yes, I do have I high net worth from my real estate but I still love buying real estate and teaching people about real estate. Since I have my own conference center it is pleasant for me to do workshops on my own terms with clients I enjoy. Financially I could retire, but I believe one of the keys to being happy is to find work you really enjoy. I enjoy these workshops a lot and I hope you will too.

Yes, you can reach us at 1-800-937-3157 or via email at info@successfulpropertystrategies.com


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